As part of activities within the TKAEDiTE project, an inaugural meeting between the Teacher Training School in Oulu and ShFMU “Xhemajl Mustafa” in Pristina marks commencement of Collaborative Endeavors in Education.

The Teacher Training School, situated within the Linnanmaa Campus in the City of Oulu, Finland, and ShFMU “Xhemajl Mustafa” in Pristina, Kosovo, convened for their maiden meeting to deliberate upon the potential avenues for collaboration between the two venerable institutions.

The discourse centered on the initiation of cooperative ventures, commencing with the exploration of online activities and progressing towards a paradigm of program exchange. These deliberations aspire towards the propagation of shared experiences amongst educators and students alike, whilst concurrently formulating a corpus of common challenges encompassing disciplines such as Robotics, Mathematics, Computational Thinking, and STEAM, among others. The overarching objective of these endeavors is the elevation of the quality of pre-university education through the propagation of international best practices, thus fortifying the educational milieu with unprecedented standards of excellence.

Director Shala, representing ShFMU “Xhemajl Mustafa,” extended a gracious expression of gratitude for the invaluable opportunities engendered through the collaborative efforts of the University of Pristina and the University of Oulu in Finland. Concurrently, Director Shala conveyed an unwavering endorsement of this initiative, emblematic of her steadfast commitment to the advancement of educational paradigms.

Conversely, educators Raija Karkkainen and Mari Saaskilahti, possessing familiarity with the educational landscape of Kosovo, voiced their earnest aspiration to contribute towards the assistance of the region’s education system through their involvement in the auspicious initiative orchestrated by the Faculty of Education at the University of Pristina.

Furthermore, the stakeholders articulated a shared desire to establish a modality of collaboration with all educational institutions participating in the activities of the EU-funded project, TKAEDiTE, aimed at the seamless integration of digital competencies within the ambit of pre-university education. This ambitious endeavor, situated at the confluence of educational innovation and pedagogical enhancement, stands poised to revolutionize the educational landscape of Kosovo and Albania, thereby empowering educators and students alike with indispensable digital proficiencies.

In summation, the inaugural meeting between the Teacher Training School in Oulu and ShFMU “Xhemajl Mustafa” in Pristina heralds the inception of a transformative epoch in educational collaboration, underpinned by the shared ethos of scholarship, innovation, and societal betterment. It is poised to serve as a beacon of inspiration, propelling both institutions towards academic excellence and pedagogical efficacy.

Acronym: UP
Title: Transforming the Kosovo and Albanian Education System by introducing Digital Technology in teacher education
Project ID: 101082862
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