Mattias Davidsson will be the next presenter in workshop for the project

In the two days workshop, Mattias Davidsson will present the Swedish model of the Digital Competence Framework for Educators from EU.
Mattias Davidsson works as a senior lecturer at the department of Computer Science and media technology at the Linnaeus University in Växjö.
He is mainly working as part of the EdTechLNU team within the project “utbildningstecknologi i grundskolan”(educational technology in primary education) looking at digital digital textbooks and their implementation in schools. He is also involved in a couple of side projects, one in looking at how the digitization of schools have changed communication between home and school, for good and bad. In another project he is developing a tool that will help teachers evaluate the reading and writing development of younger school-children, by collecting and aggregating data coupled with an early intervention system.
His background is in Physics, and also working as a year 10-12 teacher around 15 years ago got heavily involved in the “mapping” of the usage of 1-1 computing in Swedish schools, as well as implementing tools like Google apps for education (even before it was called that) and other ICT-tools. He is also very interested in the development of Assistive technology – specifically for those with communication difficulties – within the field of Alternative and Augmented Communication (AAC).


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