Informative meeting with the teachers

On December 8, an informative meeting was held with the teachers of the schools “ElenaGjika”, “Shkola e Gjelbër”, “Emin Duraku”, and “Xhemajl Mustafa”, who will be participating in the trainings that will start soon in preparation for the STEM competition which will be held early next year.

In this meeting, the staff of the Faculty of Education and the KCDE organization informed the participants about the preparatory training for the STEM competition, who with a positive energy, enthusiasm and commitment expressed themselves very ready to start this extraordinary journey of the TKAEDITE project.

As we work together, the STEM competition will be an unforgettable experience for the students of these schools as well.”

The first training for challenges with teachers starts on December 18, from 08.30.

The second training (from KCDE, UBT and UPZ) for digital documentation will be held on January 9.

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