Meeting with the Deputy Minister of MESTI

The Faculty of Education as the coordinator of the project meets the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation to inform about the implementation of activities within the project and the synchronization of joint initiatives to increase the digital competence of teachers and the design of the program Bachelor in the same faculty.

The Dean of the Faculty, Blerim Saqipi, accompanied by the coordinator of the Krenare project, Pireva Nuci, said that such projects aim to help teachers in the service to increase their digital competences as required in the European DigCompEdu framework. For more, the creation of conditions within the classrooms to integrate technology in support of the best quality learning process.

Deputy Minister Taulant Kelmendi said that the project will have the full support of the Ministry as its active partner, and for more confirmation that the Faculty of Education will be involved in initiatives related to interventions in the education system, including raising the digital competencies of teachers and reforming the pre-university curriculum by integrating coding from the first grade.

The project is co-financed by the European Union (“” project), through which schools will benefit from training from local and international professors to increase the digital competence of teachers, and organize challenges in the STEM field for their students. For more, the project through the facilitation of Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish international partners (LNU, NTNU and Oulu University) will help reform the existing programs of the Faculty of Education, and in the University of Pristina, respectively in the Faculty of Education will design a new program.

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